Microblading & Ombre brows chino hills

Microblading & Ombre brows chino hills

Microblading & Ombre brows chino hills

Brows chino hills

Enhance and ensure the beauty that not only exists from the outside but inside as well.


This technique is a process in which individual hair like strokes are implemented and created manually to give the brows a fuller more natural enhanced look by covering up scars, filling in gaps, more evenness and / or simply to give life back with brows due to hair loss. 


Microshading is a semi-permanent eyebrow procedure where it uses a needle that places colored pigment in the upper layer of the skin in a stippling technique.

It is a more filled-in make up type look compared to the hair-like look of microblading.


6-8 weeks touch up is required to perfect the shape and color from initial procedure. A touch up allows the client to enhance desired shape. Annual touch ups are recommended to maintain the color and shape of the client’s brows.

Jill is the owner / artist at INO BEAUTÉ who specializes in Microblading and Microshading also known as the Combo Brows or Blade and Shade. She started off in this industry with the realization and passion she had from within. She always had to make sure her own set of brows were on point before walking out that door. So she soon realized that she wanted to have others feel the same way she did. With waking up everyday and not having to worry about drawing / shading or penciling them in. Or even cutting back on the time spent trying to make it look even. Jill is very precise and has a keen eye for fine details. She most certainly strives to make sure her clients are happy ALWAYS. Customer service along with expertise are at the top of her list. She also believes that a perfect set of brows were as important as a smile on anyone’s face. To Jill, a pair of brows represents so much more than just of an outer extent of beauty. It meant balance, symmetry and confidence from within. To have balance and symmetry in order to serve this world purpose. So with all that said, she simply wants to make this world a better place with one set of beautiful brows at a time and to put a smile on each gorgeous soul!


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